Helaine Blumenfeld - Henry Moore: A Dialogue 1985-2015

Alex Rosenberg, Alan Caine, Tom Flynn
Catalogue to accompany a new exhibition to mark the 30th anniversary of Henry Moore and Helaine Blumenfeld's joint exhibition in 1985, A British Dialogue: From Perry Green to Cambridge, at the Alex Rosenberg Gallery, New York.
Blumenfeld Moore: A Dialogue 1985-2015Blumenfeld Moore: A Dialogue 1985-2015
This 75-page hardcover volume celebrates the work of Helaine Blumenfeld and Henry Moore. It includes a heart-felt foreword by Alex Rosenberg, who hosted the 1985 joint exhibition of Henry Moore and Helaine Blumenfeld, followed by an informative introduction by Alan Caine and a thought-provoking essay by Tom Flynn.

Photography by Henryk Hetflaisz, Erio Forli and Julian Jans.

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